Vita Martin is a singer-songwriter who arrives in Nashville in an attempt to make a name for herself.


She arrives in town in the Season Four episode How Does It Feel to Be Free and meets Deacon and Frankie at The Beverly. She asks if she can perform onstage and also offers to become a waitress. However, Frankie has an uneasy feeling about her in spite of Deacon's eagerness to take her on.

Deacon invites Rayna to see her perform at The Beverly and she is impressed with what she hears. She arranges a meeting at Highway 65 with Vita but later discovers that she actually lives in her car as she was kicked out of her apartment.

Frankie's suspicions about her come to the fore when he discovers money missing from the cash register and when Rayna confronts her Vita admits that her sister has been in some financial difficulty, even spending time in jail.

A drunken Frankie later causes a scene onstage at The Beverly and Rayna later discovers that Vita's car and belongings have been thrashed and she is nowhere to be found. She goes to the police to report the disappearance but the only thing they can say is that they deal with similar cases every day.


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