Vince Pierce is a music producer.


Appearing in the Season Four finale, he meets Maddie Conrad when she and Cash turn up at the studio to record her song.  She takes a selfie of them and Rayna soon discovers who her daughter is working with before revealing to Deacon that she had once worked with Vince and he tried to force himself on her.  

Due to the restraining order imposed by the court, Rayna decides that the best way to inform her daughter is via an open letter on the Huffington Post website.  Maddie and Cash attend a party at Vince's place and while Cash leaves them alone, Vince goes to get Maddie a drink.  Receiving a text with a link to Rayna's letter, Maddie reads it and realizes she's in danger.

When Vince returns she doesn't say anything but he attempts to seduce her before Deacon shows up to rescue her and tells Vince to back off.  He also scolds Cash for putting his daughter in such a dangerous situation and they leave.

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