Terrence George, better known as Terry, is a homeless man who Scarlett meets while trying to write songs.  He was portrayed by Mykelti Williamson.


Terry is a homeless man introduced in the episode 'Road Happy' when Scarlett is distracted by his shouting while she tries to write songs.  She brings him a sandwich and he sings part of the song she has been writing.

She brings him home to Deacon's house where he cleans out the gutters.  While doing his laundry, she finds a photograph of his family.  She tries to question him but becomes angry and says he shouldn't have come before storming off.

In 'I'm Coming Home to You' he hands a present to Deacon to give to Scarlett.  It turns out to be a harmonica and Scarlett discovers that he is a former singer.  He soon reveals that his wife and children were killed in a car crash.  She suggests that he attends an open mic night at the Bluebird and offers to help him sing the song they wrote together.

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