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"We are just a different kind of rich, called cash poor."
— Teddy Conrad

Teddy Conrad is Rayna Jaymes's former husband and the former Mayor of Nashville.


Teddy and Rayna first met as kids, part of Nashville’s country club, cotillion crowd. Teddy’s family boasts a proud history of public service, but Teddy’s father faltered because of alcohol, and Teddy’s accomplishments have been scattered as well. While he’s had some success in business and real estate, his last land deal nearly cost the family their savings.

However, his relationship with Rayna faltered due to her success as a country music superstar and his affair with longtime friend Margaret "Peggy" Kenter.  He is aware that Deacon Claybourne is the biological father of Maddie but still treats her as his daughter.

He ultimately won the election that saw him sworn in as Mayor of Nashville.  He and Rayna divorced and he was free to continue his relationship with his mistress, Margaret "Peggy" Kenter.  When she announced she was pregnant, Teddy was delighted and proposed to her.  However, she miscarries and afraid she'll lose him if he learns the truth, she tells him she heard the baby's heartbeat when she went for her ultrasound.  They married and eventually she realized she could no longer keep it a secret and when he offered to go to her doctor's appointment with her, she faked a miscarriage using pork blood.

He organized the first annual Music City Music Festival and an assassination attempt was made on his life, which resulted in Peggy's death.  He soon discovered that the man responsible for the attempt on his life was a former employee of a subsidiary of Wyatt Industries, which led him to believe that Lamar had ordered the hit.  When Lamar was released from prison, Teddy told Rayna and she also learned that her father was responsible for her mother's death.  Lamar later confronted Teddy and suffered a fatal heart attack.

He is currently incarcerated.


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