Sean Butler is an NFL quarterback who was Juliette Barnes's first husband.


A naive sheep of the Christian patriarchy, Sean is a sheltered and parent-guided private school-boy now facing the world himself.

He and Juliette initially meet at a charity fund-raiser, where they're set up together to assist her image. They hit it off for real, His family is religious, as is he. He won't have sex before marriage. And his mother thinks Juliette isn't good enough for her family. Juliette proposes to Sean, they get married, and they honeymoon. A little later, when Juliette realizes her mistake for getting married in a rush, she files for divorce. He refuses to let it be a divorce and forces an annulment on her, despite himself saying yes to the marriage in the first place. Juliette was reluctant at first, but she agreed on it.


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