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"I know all your songs by heart, you are just so great."
—Scarlett O'Connor to Rayna Jaymes
"Well, as someone once said to me, all I felt was music"
—Scarlett O'Connor to Gunnar Scott

Scarlett O'Connor is a singer/songwriter who is huge fan of Rayna Jaymes and the niece of Deacon Claybourne. She is portrayed by actress Clare Bowen.

History Edit

Season 1Edit

A poet at heart, Scarlett is a young Southern Belle who waitresses at the famous The Bluebird Cafe. Her songwriting talents are discovered when she is unexpectedly called up to sing an original at an open mic night with her friend, Gunnar Scott. She is the niece of Deacon Claybourne. She originally moved to Nashville to support her boyfriend Avery Barkley but that relationship ended when Avery put his career ahead of their relationship. Scarlett had started to pursue a singing career of her own with Gunnar. Scarlett and Gunnar began their intimate relationship after Gunnar's brother died from being beaten to death, although Gunnar said that he had had feelings for Scarlett ever since they met. At the end of Season One, Scarlett O'Connor is proposed to by Gunnar which complicates the relationship.

Season 2 Edit

Season 2 starts with the audience discovering that Scarlett refused Gunnar's marriage proposal, and she finishes her last day waitressing at The Bluebird Cafe, after being joined in Nashville by her best friend from her home town, Zoey. Scarlett moves out of her house, leaving it to Gunnar and Will, the guy who used to live upstairs, and Gunnar and Scarlett's friend. She gets back together with Avery, her ex-boyfriend, and goes on tour, opening for Luke Wheeler. She is joined on tour by Gunnar who has agreed to write for Luke. She freezes on her first performance because of a problem with her monitors and is subsequently booed off the stage by the audience. Rayna comes on and makes Scarlett carry on. She cries in her dressing room. Zoey and Avery come to join Scarlett and Gunnar, and Scarlett discovers that Gunnar and Zoey have been having a secret relationship. She feels betrayed, and does not talk to either of them.

Songs Edit

Solos Edit

Season One:

Season Two:

Season Three:

Season Four:

Duets Edit

Season One:

Season Two:  

Season Three:

Season Four:Season Five:


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