Sadie Stone is a singer who was signed to Rayna Jaymes' Highway 65 label.  She was portrayed by Laura Benanti.


Sadie arrives in Nashville and immediately hits it off with Rayna, who attempts to sign her to her 'Highway 65' label.  However, Jeff Fordham is also interested in signing her to Edgehill but Sadie shocks him when she announces at one of her concerts that she is signing with Rayna.

Sadie asks Avery Barkley to help produce her album, which makes Juliette angry.  Juliette believes that the two of them are having a romantic relationship and even stalks them at a local festival.  She later apologizes for her behavior and advises Sadie to work with Avery.

Sadie is nominated for a CMA for 'Best New Artist' and wins but it's not long before her ex-husband arrives in town demanding his cut of her success.  He becomes abusive when she tries to get him to leave and he punches her, leaving her with a black eye.  She gets a restraining order and purchases a gun for protection.  He confronts her in a parking lot and she shoots him dead with Luke Wheeler the only witness.

She is brought in for questioning and eventually released.  She then decides to leave Nashville for good and says goodbye to Luke before she departs.


Season Three:


Season Three:

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