Randall St. Claire was the new social media and marketing manager of Highway 65.


First seen in the Season Five episode Back in Baby's Arms, he is introduced by Bucky Dawes to Rayna Jaymes, who he is a huge fan of. Shaking her hand rather enthusiastically, he tells her it's an honor to be working with her, which leaves her a little shaken.

He later gives her a glass of juice that he had specially prepared and is introduced to The Exes, who find him a little strange.  Later when Bucky leaves the office, he steals a trinket box bearing Maddie's picture from Rayna's desk.

After finding the trinket box missing, a suspicious Rayna approachs Randall's desk while he was absent and found the item in his drawer.  Calling him in to her office, she and Bucky mention the letter she received at home but he has no idea what they are talking about so the latter gets him to write a sentence.  The different handwriting proves that he is not the stalker.  However, he is fired from his job.

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