Noah West was Juliette Barnes' co-star and friend in the Patsy Cline biopic.  He is played by Derek Hough.


Noah is first introduced as Juliette Barnes' co-star in the Patsy Cline biopic "Shenadoagh Girl".  The two become friends while working together and when Avery learns that she is pregnant, he turns up on set and Noah overhears him shouting at Juliette to come out of her trailer.  During filming a love scene, he tells her that her secret is safe with him.

After she collapses onstage after one of her concerts, she is taken to the hospital and learns that the baby is fine but she has a blood clot.  Noah shows up at the hospital to make sure that she is okay and when Avery sees them together, he gets the wrong impression but Juliette soon puts his mind at rest.

Following Avery and Juliette's divorce he offers her his support and they end up sleeping together but decide to remain friends.

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