Nashville: On The Record 3 is the name of an ABC television special and of the soundtrack of that show. They feature songs from Season One, Season Two, and Season Three of Nashville along with original songs from the cast. The show was taped at various venues during The 'Nashville Concert Tour' 2015.


  1. My Song (featuring Brandon Robert Young)
  2. Whiskey Lips (Charles Esten)
  3. Being Alone (Chris Carmack)
  4. Ho Hey
  5. Believing
  6. He Ain't Me (Charles Esten)
  7. When You Open Your Eyes (Sam Palladio)
  8. And Then We're Gone (feat. Clare Bowen, Charles Esten, Chris Carmack, Sam Palladio, Aubrey Peeples, & Brandon Robert Young)
  9. Friend Of Mine
  10. A Life That's Good
  11. It Wouldn't Be This (Pre-recorded by The Stellas - Brad, Marylynne, Lennon Stella, and Maisy Stella)

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