Liv is a homeless girl who Daphne Conrad first meets in the Season Five episode Back in the Saddle Again after she decides to ditch school for the day. Liv takes her to an abandoned building where she lives with other homeless kids and they discover they have a shared love of the MTV animated series "Daria".

In the following episode, they spend more time together when Daphne lies to Deacon about meeting up with Louisa. When Liv and the other homeless kids break into a junk yard the owner gives chase which leads to Liv injuring her arm on the barbed wire fence as she climbs over it. Daphne suggests going to a hospital but the other homeless kids refuse to go along with it so Daphne decides to invite her to stay at her house.

Liv is shocked to see that Daphne lives in the lap of luxury and reveals that her biological parents are drug addicts and she did not get along with her foster parents. Daphne cleans up her arm and reveals that her biological father is in prison and that her mother is dead. She later lies to Deacon and Maddie about having a stomach ache as she takes food from the fridge and when Deacon finds a bloodied bandage in his waste bin he questions her about it but she lies again about what is going on. He barges into her room to find Liv there and tells Daphne that she cannot be bringing homeless kids home with her. When he questions Liv he finds out her age and tells her that she can stay. Later that evening while Daphne is sleeping on the couch, Liv cries as she looks at Deacon and Rayna's wedding photograph.

She and Maddie stay home watching movies while Deacon goes to an open mic night at the Bluebird and following Maddie and Clay's brush with the law Liv uploads the footage of Maddie online leading to several memes being created.  After Maddie discovers the source of the memes, she throws Liv out of the house and falls out with Daphne.  However, she later apologizes to both girls and she, along with Daphne, asks Liv to come home with them but Liv refuses since her friends cannot come with her.

Deacon later receives word that Liv has found a new home with a foster family.