"It's okay if you see me as your enemy. Don't you be foolish enough to make that a two-way street. Because my enemies don't fare too damn well."
—Lamar Wyatt to Rayna Jaymes

Lamar Wyatt is Tandy Hampton and Rayna Jaymes' father and is a multimillionaire who was a former mayor of Nashville.


Industrialist. Philanthropist. Kingmaker. Lamar Wyatt is Nashville.

Some folks respect him. Others fear him. Lamar doesn’t care which you chose, just as long as you don’t get in his way.

Thirty years ago, Lamar’s wife died, leaving him a widow and single father to his two daughters, Rayna and Tandy. Today, Tandy works at his side and is the heir apparent to Lamar’s fortune and business empire. Rayna, in contrast, hasn’t seen eye to eye with Lamar in years, and to call their relationship strained would be an understatement.

Still, Lamar sees himself as a family man; and if he and Rayna have problems, it’s only because he’s tried too hard to protect her—his way.

In Lamar’s house, father definitely knows best.

Lamar and Rayna fell out over his assassination attempt on Teddy and he later succumbed to a heart attack.


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  • “A mayor with secrets is easier to control.”
  • “We’ve all had failures. Don’t let them define you. Let them refine you.”

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