Hallie Jordan is a social worker who assists Juliette Barnes in the aftermath of her plane crash.


After Juliette's plane crashed, Hallie found her as the sole survivor in a field. She phoned the paramedics and comforted her before they arrived. Juliette later overheard her singing in front of a congregation in church.

Juliette later tracked her down to her house to thank her in person for saving her life and Hallie said that she had been praying for her.  When she rushes off to work, Juliette notices she's having car problems and purchases a new SUV but an embarrassed Hallie asks for her to return it to the dealership.

When Juliette regains some sensation in her legs, she tells Hallie who is delighted and they begin to form a close bond which leads to Juliette attending church. Hallie also helps children who are not so fortunate and Juliette says that she needs for her voice to be heard.

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