Dr. Caleb Rand is a doctor who treated Deacon Claybourne when he was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor.  Through him, he meets Scarlett O'Connor whom he eventually starts dating.  He was portrayed by Nick Jandl.


Introduced in the episode "I'm Not That Good at Goodbye", he informs Deacon about his cancer diagnosis and says it's due to his excessive drinking. He also takes a shine to Scarlett and the two begin a romantic relationship.

However, when he asks her to move in with him, their relationship hits a rough patch as her mother passes away while Deacon's life is spared and the fact that she is spending so much time focusing on her music with Gunnar is causing tension.

When he receives an offer to relocate to Seattle for work he asks Scarlett to move with him but she is reluctant to do so and they decide to split up.

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