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"You know, around here punk is code for “can’t play at all."
— Deacon to Avery Barkley
"I ain't dead. And I ain't done."
— Deacon to Scarlett O'Connor

Deacon Claybourne is a country singer/songwriter.



Deacon Claybourne is a loyal companion to Rayna Jaymes — both onstage and off. The talented musician became Rayna’s band leader, guitar player, songwriter, and romantic partner when the duo paired up 20 years ago. And while things didn’t exactly work out for the two stars in the romance department — Deacon’s inner turmoil runs deep — the pair has successfully carried on a loyal, professional partnership.

He had been sober for thirteen years until he found out that Maddie was his biological daughter at the end of season 1. He then relapsed and began drinking for a short amount of time, before getting sober again.

Season 1 Edit

Episode 1 - Pilot Edit

Deacon Claybourne has been Rayna's lead guitar player for over 20 years. Their history is both long and complicated, sharing a past romance together and a present friendship.

After their performance at the Grand Ole Opry, he introduces his niece, Scarlett O'Connor to Rayna.

Juliette Barnes, a young top country singer attempts to steal him from Rayna for her tour, offering him a lead position in her band and double the money Rayna pays him. Juliette is willing to do everything to get Deacon as her band leader. Deacon tells Rayna. Rayna tells him to do whatever will make him happy, she doesn't want to hold him back.

Episode 2 - Edit


In the end of episode 10, the lead singer of the Revel Kings, Cy, attempts to sexually assault Scarlett, his niece. Deacon intervenes and quits the band.

He and Rayna dated when they were younger and he is the biological father of her daughter Maddie. The relationship between Rayna and Deacon has always been complicated. Because of his drinking, Rayna decided to marry Teddy Conrad.


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  • "You never wanna stay too long at a pity party, you know." (to Juliette)
  • "I think we hit all of the important spots." (to Stacey)
  • "Nope." (to everyone)

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