"You didn't give me a guitar, but I still have feelings."
— Daphne to Rayna Jaymes

Daphne Conrad is the youngest daughter of the late Rayna Jaymes and the only daughter of Teddy Conrad. She is a recurring character in Season One of Nashville and a main character from Season Two onwards.


Daphne and Maddie share a close bond as sisters and often perform together. However, after Maddie discovers that Deacon is her biological father Daphne worries that the bond between them may be broken.

When Deacon asks Rayna to marry him, she feels she is replacing Teddy as a father figure.  Deacon reassures her than he will never try to replace her biological father but will be there for her.  

After Rayna is involved in a car crash she is admitted to hospital in critical condition and eventually succumbs to her injuries.  Prior to her death, Daphne addesses Deacon as 'Dad' for the first time, asking him if Rayna can still hear them.  Following her death, she starts skipping school and attends therapy sessions where the psychiatrist informs Deacon that Daphne has depression due to the loss of her mother.  Daphne is initially reluctant to open up to him, even shouting at him, until he and Maddie tell her that they are both there for her.

She soon befriends a homeless girl named Liv who she brings home with her, lying to Deacon after he discovers a bloodied rag in the trash.  He lets Liv stay but when Maddie discovers that Liv is behind the mean GIFs of her online following her and Clay's run in with the law Liv is thrown out of the house and the two sisters fall out.  They soon put their differences aside when Maddie tells Daphne how much she misses Rayna.  They later record a song together as Deacon looks on proudly.

The two sisters tease Deacon when a nosey neighbor tries to chat him up while they are out for breakfast and later drops over food to the house and after he performs at the Opry, he hugs the girls before hugging Jessie Caine, which Daphne sees.



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