"You're not the only survivor around here."
—Dante Rivas to Juliette Barnes
"I know what he was. And I know what he is now: Dead to me."
—Juliette Barnes

Dante Rivas was Jolene Barnes' one-time sober sponsor who ended up becoming romantically involved with Juliette Barnes.


He is introduced in the episode Dear Brother as Jolene Barnes' sober sponsor. He soon becomes Juliette Barnes' manager as well as developing a romantic relationship with her, much to Jolene's annoyance.

After Avery Barkley catches him making out with Juliette on her tour bus, Dante confronts him and warns him not to say anything or he will be kicked off the tour. Dante is eventually fired for conning other artists he has managed.

As revenge, Dante threatens to release a SD card with footage of him having sex with Juliette unless he gets paid for his services. In order to save her daughter's reputation, Jolene purchases a gun and drugs and invites Dante to meet her. She turns the gun on him before destroying the SD card and consuming the drugs, committing suicide.


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