Cynthia Davis is a conservative pundit who is seen as an enemy of the gay community.


Davis launches attacks on Will Lexington for "promoting" homosexuality (even though Will has done nothing besides actually be gay), and for Luke Wheeler for continuing to support him. After some considerable, Luke decides to make a stand against Cynthia's bigotry, and makes rounds on more liberal talk shows and media outlets. Cynthia, unable to rebut the positive publicity Luke has been receiving, doubles down on Will for recusing himself from the media.

In the face of her continued attacks, Will decides that now that he's out of the closet, he should stand in the light, and begins making the rounds himself. Davis, however, refuses to allow Will the chance to defend himself on her show to her face. Luke, Will, and Kevin Bicks organize a peaceful protest concert right outside of Cynthia's studio in Atlanta. Davis reluctantly allows Will onto her show, but proves unable to interview him in any meaningful way. Will ends the situation by calling her out for simply being afraid.

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