Charles Wentworth is a wealthy businessman introduced in Season Two who had an affair with Juliette Barnes.  He was portrayed by Charlie Bewley.


Juliette is hired by Charlie to perform at he and his wife Olivia's fifth anniversary party. Charlie takes a liking to her. They soon have an extra marital affair, which Olivia discovers when she catches them having sex in a hotel room.  She later tells Juliette that she knows the truth and threatens to spill all to the media by kissing her to make it look that she's interested in threesomes.  She also intends to file for divorce.

After Layla is kicked off Juliette's tour, she later discovers that Juliette and Charlie are an item and contacts the media about it as revenge.  Juliette is hounded by the press and dubbed a 'homewrecker' by her audiences.  She eventually discovers that Layla was responsible for telling the press.

When Charles returns to town Juliette again seeks his help in boosting her profile but tells him that she isn't interested in getting involved romantically with him again.