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Burn to Dark is a song written by Jake Etheridge and Garrison Starr and performed by Will Lexington in the Season Five episode Leap of Faith. He performs it to a crowd at a club following his split from Kevin Bicks.

It is included on The Music of Nashville (Season 5, Volume 1).


When the mountain sinks away into the desert sand
When the ocean swallows up the city streets
When the morning sun forgets to rise and the sky's no longer blue
Honey, that's when I'll quit missing you

When that shot glass on the shelf don't remind me of
All the good times and bad ones too
When I forgive myself for all I did and didn't do
Honey, that's when I'll quit missing you
When all the stars burn to dark and fall,
Will I forget your name as the years go by
When memories start to fade as memories do
I may regret forever, what I know I had to lose

That don't mean I won't be missing you
That don't mean I won't be missing you


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