Brent McKinney is Layla Grant's former publicist and had a brief relationship with Will Lexington.


Brent is shown to be a highly diverse character taking on differing aspects as needed. In this way he is somewhat of a social chameleon. He is shown to be capable of being a ruthless business man, using only logic and numbers to make decisions. On the other side of the story; he is also incredibly caring about anyone who he considers a friend, supporting them even while he disapproves. Brent is an intelligent character as he is able to anticipate action, and react to it quickly, which is the probable cause of his high rank within Edgehill. He is also proud, he is not afraid to flaunt his homosexuality in front of others and show off his partner, though will not fight those who disapprove as he is a pacifist. He is also in love with Will Lexington.


Season One

Although Brent was not named as a character in Season One, he may be recognized as the "Handsome Man" signaled away by Will Lexington in the last episode of that season.

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