Brad Maitland is the successful, charming, egotistical and narcissistic owner of the most successful record label in town.  He is the ex-husband of Jessie Caine .


His name is first mentioned in the Season Five episode Ghost in This House by Zach who tells Deacon that Jessie Caine was previously married to him. She later reveals that he was abusive to both her and their son and had an affair with her former assistant who was also her best friend.

He first appears in the episode The Night Before (Life Goes On) when he approaches his ex-wife at a charity fundraiser that Deacon is attending. The latter notices how uncomfortable she is around him, especially when he talks about their son. After Deacon leaves following Rayna's jacket being auctioned off, Brad sends Jessie a text, poking fun at his stepfather issues.

He shows up unannounced at Jessie's house looking for Jake only to be told that the latter is spending the night at a friend's house. Jeff does not take too kindly to the news, mentioning the court order and tells Jessie to bring Jake home so that he can take care of him.Z

He meets with Deacon and announces his intention to buy him out but Deacon is not interested. He later meets with Zach and suggests they team up to take over Highway 65.

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