Amelia Rose George was to be the first-born child of Damien George and Scarlett O'Connor, conceived during their brief relationship. Damien was not fully prepared to be a father at first when a paternity test revealed that he was the biological parent and eventually Scarlett broke off their relationship.

Gunnar decided to help Scarlett with being a parent to the child but when they were mugged at the supermarket Scarlett was pushed stomach first into a car and she ultimately suffered a miscarriage.  However, the doctor told her that this was quite normal and would not have necessarily been caused by the assault.

Deacon told Jessie about the miscarriage and the latter bonded with Scarlett since she had gone through the same thing multiple times. Scarlett eventually told Gunnar to move on with his life and told Maddie and Daphne that she had lost the baby after packing what would have been her daughter's clothes into a wooden box, which bore the name "Amelia Rose".